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The Right Place from where to look far

A few steps from Villa Pamphilii, in the heart of Rome, you’ll find our style consulting lab

LD’A LAB. Laura D’Ancona prefers the eternal city as location for her creative workshop rather than the frenetic cities of Paris, New York or London. In fact, the incessant becoming of style that constantly invites travel finds its base of operations in a place to return to, welcoming and charming, well established in the capital’s contexture.

To enter LD’A LAB’s headquarters means getting lost in a world that combines the sophistication of the past while at the same time emanating a certain vintage air. Surefooted leading edge design, creativity and innovation powerfully emerge from the fabrics, mood boards and sketches which are the real furnishings of the laboratory.

The main choice, precise and in distinct character, has been to create a diversified focal point, compared to Milan, in which to test out a work setting geared more towards internationality rather than one which would be geographically limited.



Ld'A Lab S.r.l.

Largo Giuseppe Cocchi 12 

00152 Roma, Italia



phone +39 06 5895849

fax +39 06 5899118


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